About us

In the c.XXIst , its seems that we are worldwide internalising the idea that true wealth is health . To improve our health with our diet we should prioritise the consumption of vegetables. A healthy and balanced diet should b abundant in fruits and vegetables, however this ins’t that easy in our non-stop day-to-day lives. That is why at PRESSUMIA we want to help you in having a balanced and healthy diet. We have the perfect answer to help meet those needs.

Our drinks come from this factory-workshop in this blue-skied region of Castile


Pol. Ind. Emiliano Revilla
Calle Alemania, 2
42110 – Ólvega
Soria (Spain)

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Behind Pressumia there are committed partners. Committed with Ólvega (a municipality in Soria, Castile and Leon which has a great entrepreneurial spirit). We are focused on creating wealth for the region and its people, while building a project bottom up in which all parties are involved and all benefit from it.

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