Fruits & Veggies all the way up!

The best of the garden, the freshest fruits and vegetables, which come from the region of Soria for a reason.

Cold pressed

With pressure [not under ;)] we obtain all the vitamins, minerals and flavour using Cold Press technology and a High Pressure Process: fancy words, forget them!

100% natural

Suitable for Vegans, Gluten-free and even suitable for that cousin of yours who complains about everything, all the time.

No sugar no preservatives

If something is already healthy, don’t add anything else!

For a better, sustainable World

Descubre lo que hacemos en Pressumia para ayudar a las personas y al planeta.

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Fair Price

We believe in a responsible economy, local and fair which encourages initiatives in exotic places such as…Ólvega, yes, Ol-what!?. Soria? Where’s that?

0% added sugar

Sugars found in fruits and veggies are clean and healthy because they are part of the fruit, we don’t add them… We don’t add what Nature doesn’t provide.

The Ebro Valley and Valencia

We are delighted to say hi to Rubén who provides the best apples or Alejandro who brings us his oranges. All our suppliers bring us fresh and healthy, vegetables and fruits. The rest is on us!

From Ólvega, in Soria,
fresh and natural

Our drinks come from our factory-workshop

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