At Pressumia we support initiatives that allow social transformation, environmental change and economic growth in underprivileged communities. We have partnered with the NGO Foundawtion to help our planet and its people, especially amongst the lessfavoured.


Foundawtion is an NGO created in 2014 to develop projects that meet the real needs of underprivileged peoples and communities. To contribute to social transformation in Africa, especially in the South of Senegal.

Boosting local development to build a future in poor communities. Aware of the schooling reality in the area and hand in hand with local representatives Foundawtion takes on the task of building new school facilities in Thionck Essyl, South of Senegal.

foundawtion escuela

Hagamos Escuela Project

This first project, and the beginning of foundawtion, is born of the dawoffice architecture studio in Barcelona and the Senegalese town of Thionck Essyl.

“And why Senegal?” you may ask. The world is very big and still there are many basic needs to cover, thus one can only start with what they know.

Due to other cooperative projects, we were able to get to know this part of Casamance first-hand.

We started learning from within, living with its people, sharing their homes, their food and their lives.

In 2014, already completely in love with Casamance, we started to analyse the needs of the Bolouf region under the guidance of the people of Thionck Essyl and representatives of the region.

foundawtion escuela 2

Solidary, but quality

The module design blends into the environment. The architecture is inspired by the traditional background of the area and the use of everyday life. The dome is built based on compressed earth blocks made on site.

We unite local raw materials, traditional construction methods and current techniques. We achieve an efficient and sustainable architecture. A solidarity project but made from quality.

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